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{ Monthly Archives } July 2009


I have been beavering away: as well as the frenzy of self-sufficiency that I have been going through, I have been taking care of a few other things.  Ideas that I have been gestating for months, and all that stopped me implementing them was my Masters.  Now that’s done with, I have no reason not […]

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Self-sufficiency startitis

We have been flying the “I bet I can make that” flag chez Cutlery this weekend.  I think I recently mentioned that finishing my Masters and returning from a lovely holiday were sufficiently epoch-like to trigger a response along the lines of “out with the old, in with the peculiar”.  The first manifestation of this […]


Zombie bunnies

As promised, some details on the zombie bunnies. About a hundred years ago (or so), I came across the Wee Bunny pattern and, at the time, thought it was just too, too cute and had to make it.  Downloaded the pattern, coaxed my Nan into surrendering some of her dainty chintz quilting cotton squares in […]

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Lucky dip

I cleaned out my study today, and hell yes, it felt good.  I can see my desk and it is much, much bigger than I remember.  I recycled printouts and essays from my first semester of my Masters degree (that would be 2007), not to mention thousands of used envelopes with cryptic and archaic comments […]

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Pretty ugly cooking?

One of my favourite things about cooking is the sheer beauty of it all.  I think the creases and folds of a dried apricot, the shifting crumbs of brown sugar, the faultless tautness of a fresh olive, and the caramelised blistering of roasted capsicums are incredibly beautiful and promising.  I don’t know if everyone feels […]


Dead air

Whoa, sorry about that lengthy pause! M and I went to Tasmania!  Whoo! I did a lot of this: Navigating and sock knitting are my two finest car-riding-in skills. And even though I took my handy-dandy little Eee PC and my wireless modem, there was’t enough signal coverage for me to blog as we went.  […]