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Holy cow!

Dudes, I did it! I made a sourdough!  Exclamation marks all ’round!

I honestly didn’t expect my mini loaf to come out as anything but kind of amusing and dense.  But this!  This is bread!  I made bread!  I used my starter, Pongo, who is going to be rewarded with some sultanas to keep him active and bread-a-licious, and flour, water and salt.  That’s it!  I am so excited.  The Wild Yeast Blog has been my guiding star, and I used the Norwich Sourdough recipe.  I only made a quarter batch, because I didn’t want any failure to be on a big scale, and it is lovely.  It’s got a really fine, crispy crust, which is apparently attributable to baking the dough cold, and the crumb is light and open and tasty.  It’s pleasantly tangy without being pungent, springy without being fluffy, and it’s mine mine mine!  There’s definitely room for improvement: there’s a little denseness just in the middle bottom of the loaf, which could be due to accidentally creasing the dough when I plopped it into our cast-iron bread-making pot (which I preheat for an hour or so before baking, as a substitute for a baking stone), but it may also be due to the starter still being a little immature.  And I’m still at the dizzy beginner’s stage, where each batch of dough is a total gamble and may end up craptacular — I look forward to being more surprised by failure than by success.

But I made bread! Holy cow!

Look at that! Right there!  Bread!  Bread that I made!

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