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Watermelon socks

I don’t think of myself as a pink person — I mean, taste-wise, not appearance-wise — but I am loving these socks so hard.

Crazy-hard-loving these socks.  Every few stitches I pause, tilt my head to the side and lovingly readjust the stitches on the needles. These are my new beloved Watermelon Socks.  I bought the yarn years ago off eBay, from an independent dyer and I am just wild about it.  I knit my first sock out of it as soon as I got the yarn, but it had been so long that I had completely forgotten how many I cast on, how many stitches I turned the heel over, where I did the increases, etc. etc.  Plus, I didn’t do a very good job.  I spent a little while poring over the original sock and trying to reverse engineer the pattern, but then I realised it’s just a straightforward plain sock.  And I do like a chance to use that ball winder.   So I frogged the sock, wound the ball, and cast on again, all in the space of about twenty minutes.  Happy times.

Look how awesome it is!  I should be able to get four socks out of that sucker, provided I can stop fondling it for long enough.  I think it’s gorgeous and the sock that’s coming out of it is really perfect.  I am almost embarrassed at the triumph I feel about this, because, after all, a plain sock is hardly a brain-teaser and there must be thousands cast on, bound off and worn through every day.  But this one is just so cool!  I can hardly wait for it to be on my foot.

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