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Weekend performance review.


Sourdough making: 17 points. (50 points for starting first sourdough bread dough; -25 points for forgetting to feed the starter; -20 points for the dud dough which did not produce bread; +12 points for coming up with name “Pongo” for the starter — have renewed zeal for maintaining starter culture)

Yoghurt making: 30 points. (10 points for remembering to borrow yoghurt maker from Mumini; 10 points for thinking to make a small batch; 10 points for putting half the small batch in the Mumini yoghurt maker and half in the already-tested yoghurt maker; 25 points for successfully making approx. 1 cup of yoghurt!!; -25 points for forcing visitors to admire said yoghurt and singing about it)

Guacamole: 75 points (while I challenge the arbitrary fashion in which you have awarded yourself 75 points, I must concede that it is *exceptional* guacamole and cannot subtract any points)

Cooking subtotal: 122 points


Cleaned the fishtank: 10 points. (25 points for actually doing it; -15 points for taking a week and a half to get around to it after it became apparent it was necessary)

Finished the washing: 50 points.  (25 points for finishing; 20 points for putting it all away; 2 points for managing the whole week’s wash load in 3 washer cycles; 3 points for not swearing, not even once)

Cleaned bathroom cupboard: 5 points (10 points for doing so; -5 points for sheer pointlessness).

Threw away ancient chocolate covered aniseed balls from pantry: 0 points (points earned through discarding these are immediately cancelled out by the points lost from buying them in the first place)

Assembled books for delivery to second-hand bookshop: 19 points (20 points for being proactive about clutter; -1 point due to the fact that books haven’t actually been delivered, thereby presenting strong odds in favour of a relapse)

Housework subtotal: 65 points


Finished a pair of sweet, plain vanilla stockingette socks: a bajillion points.  These fit perfectly, look nice, and fill a desperate need in my wardrobe. (no argument)

Cast on a new pair of socks right away: another bajillion points. (no argument)

Didn’t practice my clarinet: 0 points (only just avoided losing points due to the socks that have been cast on)

Other subtotal: two bajillion points.

Weekend total: two bajillion, one hundred and eighty-seven points. (I notice you can’t work out how many zeroes are in a bajillion, and have thus reverted to describing the numeral in words.  -1 point — oh, too late.)

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