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I have been beavering away: as well as the frenzy of self-sufficiency that I have been going through, I have been taking care of a few other things.  Ideas that I have been gestating for months, and all that stopped me implementing them was my Masters.  Now that’s done with, I have no reason not to go ahead: seek ye the new homepage for Spoonfully!  Woohoo!  Take a moment to peep at the Crayon poetry blog I have just started, and leave a comment if it tickles your fancy (or any other part of you).

I feel so clever it’s ridiculous—I even made my own favicon!  Look, up there, there it is!  I realise that HTML is far from being rocket science, but honestly, starting at “ignorant” and trucking all the way to “building my own website”? I feel like a freaking genius. (For what it’s worth, I am at no risk of developing a swelled head about this—my homemade yoghurt has failed three times now.)

Also, thanks get shouted out right now to M, who has gently escorted me as I contorted my way up the learning curve.

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