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Lucky dip

I cleaned out my study today, and hell yes, it felt good.  I can see my desk and it is much, much bigger than I remember.  I recycled printouts and essays from my first semester of my Masters degree (that would be 2007), not to mention thousands of used envelopes with cryptic and archaic comments on the back along the lines of “Call L and buy batteries for w” or “6299 7-something-something-3, will call back later”.  (As an aside, I think I have a segment of brain dedicated entirely to Using Old Envelopes.  When I need to take a message or write out a shopping list, I instinctively hunt them out, even fishing them from the recycling box, rather than use the fresh pad of post-its that I keep next to the phone. I’m trying to outgrow this.) Apart from the sheer glee of throwing out reams of assignment sheets reminding me of long-past deadlines, I was delighted to reacquaint myself with my knitting-to-do-box.  Briefly.

Then it all tumbled out at me.  That schmatteh in the front? The beginnings of what I had planned to be a dishtowel.  It’s so ugly I can’t even stand the idea of winding it back into a ball.  I will probably throw it away and then lie about it.  Behind that, the scribbled notes for something I wanted to blog about.  While I’m sure it made sense at the time, now it’s just…?  On the right, the black mass, is a single finished mitt snuggled up with a ball of yarn and some DPNs. On the left, zombie bunnies, about which more later (you can see a third, unstuffed member of their party slumped over the edge of the box behind them).  And in the basket: Purple Flounceypants.  She’s back, and she fits me worse than ever.  I’m going to have to do some pretty serious reworking there.


Having finished my Masters and returned from Tasmania, I feel somehow like a new epoch has begun.  Well, you know, not an epoch, certainly nothing so grand, but a new…phase? Bit? Week? Anyway, I’m burning to finish up a whole bunch of projects that have been lingering for some time.  You’ll be pleased to hear, I’m sure, that since taking the above pic, I’ve finished the zombie bunnies (about which more later), the schmatteh, and a third, unphotographed project I kicked off while we were on holiday.  That’s three projects.  Three! In one day!  And I got the washing done.  And I cleaned my study.  Holy cow, somebody give me some champagne or something, I’m rockin!

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