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{ Monthly Archives } July 2009

I can’t stop

You probably noticed.  I love cooking. Behold my mini-bagels, ye mortals, and despair. Using my standard bagel recipe, I simply made tiny ones! Before I mixed and rose the dough, I divided the quantities into two: half had a dash of cinnamon and maple syrup added, and the other had finely minced dill and spring […]


Cost efficiency of home-toasted muesli

If I was ever in any danger of attracting a greater readership than the friends I had gently persuaded to read this blog, that title should probably shoo them away. So: I posted recently about toasting my own muesli and how delicious it was.  The question was raised as to whether or not toasting one’s […]

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Crunchy healthfulness

The Make-it-Myself kick continues!  This is the second installment of home-toasted muesli, and I’m so pleased with the recipe that I thought I’d share it.  But first…macro-setting photos! Delicious!  It’s incredibly tasty, filling and, well, tasty! It’s muesli!  Wonderful home-toasted muesli, and here’s my recipe, cobbled together through hunch and guesswork. Next time I make […]


Amazing what they can do nowadays

I am still riding high on the glow of having made sourdough.  I am simultaneously amused at how delighted I am and thinking of getting t-shirts printed. I’m also wondering how soon I can have another crack at it.  For perhaps the first time in my adult life, I’m excited about the onset of summer, […]

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Holy cow!

Dudes, I did it! I made a sourdough!  Exclamation marks all ’round! I honestly didn’t expect my mini loaf to come out as anything but kind of amusing and dense.  But this!  This is bread!  I made bread!  I used my starter, Pongo, who is going to be rewarded with some sultanas to keep him […]

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Watermelon socks

I don’t think of myself as a pink person — I mean, taste-wise, not appearance-wise — but I am loving these socks so hard. Crazy-hard-loving these socks.  Every few stitches I pause, tilt my head to the side and lovingly readjust the stitches on the needles. These are my new beloved Watermelon Socks.  I bought […]

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Sourdough first steps

Using Wild Yeast as both Bible and tantalising inspiration, I am learning how to make sourdough. I don’t believe that I would be blowing my own horn too much to say that I’m a pretty good cook.  I can follow a recipe to perfection, but I can also make things up as I go and […]

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Weekend performance review. Cooking Sourdough making: 17 points. (50 points for starting first sourdough bread dough; -25 points for forgetting to feed the starter; -20 points for the dud dough which did not produce bread; +12 points for coming up with name “Pongo” for the starter — have renewed zeal for maintaining starter culture) Yoghurt […]

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Tempted by tempeh

I like an alliterative title as much as the next blogger. So, last night, M proposed tempeh for dinner.  Not on its own, of course, but manifested in the 101 Cookbooks TLT sandwich recipe.  (How awesome is 101 Cookbooks?  There’s a fantastic archive of recipes and ideas, and everything I see on that blog I […]


Dithering a bit

So my yoghurt-making experiment hasn’t been going as well as I’d like.  I can get the milk scalded okay, and get the culture going, but after that, I’m having trouble keeping it at a stable temperature. My first batch I kept in the oven, at an ultra-low temperature, turning it off every so often and […]