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Fizz fizz fizz

I am enjoying this post-Masters euphoria.  It almost makes it worth all the grief leading up to the end worth it, because it is so fantastic when you stop. Mind you, that’s the same principle that fans of the asphyxi-wank apply, and that doesn’t always work out so well for them.  My mind is fizzing away, thinking of this and that, all the things I kept telling myself I’d think about after the Masters.  While this makes me feel sparking and creative, it also means that I’m not much good for concentrating on anything.  I’m about as consistent as a techno track.

Knitting!  Winter has come with wonderful suddenness to Canberra, and there was one day last week that didn’t get over five degrees. It was heaven.  So I’ve been wearing my beret and my mittens and my scarves, and starting to think about knitting some more.  I love mittens and handwarmers, and I think it’s a shame that I hardly get to wear them — let’s face it, although it gets nippy where I live, you’re unlikely to lose fingers or anything if you don’t have mitts.  But I love knitting wristwarmers, so I’ve been trawling Ravelry looking for patterns.  Plus, I know a couple of people who would appreciate the gift of warm hands. And I do have lots of small lots of yarn that want working through.  Hmm…it’s all adding up.

And another thing: I wear wide-legged jeans and pants.  Love ’em.  But in these chilly days, I must admit they provide ample opportunity for the rude and icy fingers of winter to sneak up and tweak my shins.  And since my first instinct with any problem is to solve it with knitting…leg warmers.  It’s so obvious.  Extra-soft ribbed ones that I can wear under my baggy pants!  Yes. YES!

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