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Do you ever feel like your brain is moving in too many directions at once?

Work has been crazy-busy, uni has been incredibly demanding as I gallop towards the end of my Masters degree, I am househunting (man, buying at auction is scary-pants), and have begun eccentric sleeping habits, much to M’s amusement.  Hello, I am a delight to be around!

So whenever I sit down to relax, my mind darts all over the place like a puppy off the leash, weeing on everything I find interesting and not really concentrating at all.  It can be refreshing at first, after a day of really forcing your mind to focus, to let yourself be scatterbrained and aimless. But then you get bored. It’s like starving yourself all day, and then only having teensy nibbles of all your favourite foods, without being able to settle on one particular dish and enjoy it.

Man, the metaphors are rolling today.  I have handed in my last essay.  I have—assuming I pass everything—finished my Master’s degree.  I have been writing essays since I was in Year Eight, pretty much constantly except for a short hiatus between the BA and the MA, and it is strange to think I may never write another one again.  Permit me to hastily clarify: I may never write another one with the intention of having it assessed again, since I think I like them enough to write essays on what amuses me in my spare time.

I think, on the whole, I’ve mostly enjoyed the MA.  But I’m glad it’s done.  Over the past couple of weeks, my mind has been moving in decreasing loops of study/househunting/work, and I think it is making me dull to converse with.  Time to graduate.  I’m getting too weird and I haven’t done the washing for, well, a lady needs her secrets, but a while. Plus, my knitting is being neglected, and I miss it terribly.

Now, if you need me, I will be sitting quietly, sipping tea and crooning to my sock yarn stash.

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