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Things that are making me happy

Some days, everything rocks.

Things that are rocking:

  1. A friend’s photography blog has an awesome post on coffee — I think his blog is really, really well laid-out, with nice clear lines and plenty of emphasis on the pictures.
  2. I have ♠ discovered ♥ how to do ♣ special characters ♦ in WordPress. This tickles me ☆ beyond all logic.
  3. The fantastic sounds of Porcupine Tree.  Goddamn, one of the most excellent things in the world is discovering a whole new artist and their entire catalogue. It’s right up there with discovering a new writer whose work rocks you. I can’t recommend Porcupine Tree highly enough: start with Fear of a Blank Planet and Nil Recurring, and then try In Absentia and Deadwing.  Just excellent, excellent stuff: clever and interesting lyrics and incredible music.
  4. I play a delicious ebony piece of wood in the mornings before work, and I can tell you there is nothing more satisfying than nailing, absolutely nailing, a tricky bit of fancy fingering.  Also: isn’t incredible that I can take a cylinder of wood and coax it into singing using only my breath and my fingertips?  That blows my mind.
  5. Bagels!  It’s that tasty time again!  I made a batch two nights ago, and they’re nearly all gone already.  They’re pretty damn fine when toasted, spread with mustard, topped with slices of tomato and drizzled with tabasco sauce.  Yes indeedy.  I think it’s one of the coolest things in the world that you can mix flour, sugar and warm water together and get goop, but add yeast and BAM!  Full, interesting dough, ready to be pounded, stretched, changed and cooked. I’ve been thinking a bit about what you could put in as a substitute for the sugar (to feed the yeast), and I think I may have come up with some interesting ideas.  More on this after I have a bagel-baking frenzy.
  6. The awesomest, most rad rocking thing of all: M and I are having a holiday in June!  Woo!  I’m as happy as a seagull with a chip.  More details when we roll: it’s going to be a pretty intensive six weeks or so before we leave. I have the last semester of my Masters to finish, for a start. Maybe that bagel baking will be the best leading-up-to-the-holiday therapy I can have.

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