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More Corona love.

You should see Corona at the moment.  I’m not showing you a pic; I don’t want to wake her.  Oh, all right, just a little one.  She’s so cute.  See? Fell asleep basking in the sun.

I’ve joined the sleeves to the body and worked the yoke, and she’s all scrunched up on the circular needle.  Sure, she doesn’t look her best, but she’s got that first-thing-in-the-morning, rumpled look about her that is so charming.  The cables are popping, the sleeves are lined up nicely, and the neckline and shoulders sit just so.

Poppin' cables

Poppin' cables

I’m at the neckline.  From here, it’s a lingering, loving jaunt up the hood, finished with a three-needle-bind-off, and…well, that will be Corona.  I’m so excited.  I even tried it on, still on the needles, to see what I thought.  It looks awesome on me.  The pattern has something like five inches of negative ease — five inches! But that Canary, she knows what she’s up to.  The pattern stretches quite flatteringly, and I’m looking forward to pairing it with a small, snug top or a camisole an wear it into the wild blue world.

Winter is coming here.  It’s definitely Autumn: we’ve had some cold mornings, some windy and wild weather, storms and rain, and, today, a dust storm.  The trees are turning and the parrots are despearte to get the last few nibbles off the trees before they discard everything for winter. One night last week, I was sure I could smell wood smoke from somebody’s fireplace, too, but perhaps I’m just being optimistic.  Corona will be finished at the perfect time.  We’re so happy.

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