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Remarkable what they can do nowadays.

Earlier this year, we splashed out and got an Aerogarden (warning: that site automatically starts playing a video.  Try not to poop yourself when it starts.) and it has been going gangbusters.  Essentially, it’s a benchtop hydroponics setup. Which we are using for completely legal purposes.

There’s a lamp overhead, and a little platform with seven holes in it.  You buy the seed pods from the Aerogarden folks, and each is like a little plastic basket full of foam.  There’s a little slit in each foam, with a couple of seeds in it.  You slot each little plastic basket into the holes in the platform.  There’s a door at the front, and you pour a couple of litres of water in, add the Aerogarden nutrient tables and set it on the right setting for whatever you’re growing.  It’s incredibly easy and clean and straightforward. Oh, and each little seed pod has a plastic house over it, which works as a greenhouse.  When the seeds have sprouted, you take the plastic houses off.

We’ve had it going for a couple of months now, and it’s completely awesome.  This is what it looked like this morning:

See that? Holy crap!  Basil everywhere — there’s regular sweet basil and purple basil — mint, dill, thyme and a single chive.  It’s fantastic.  We have been adding herbs to everything, as you can imagine.  I love it, because I often don’t use more than a few snips of herbs in my cooking, and it always seems like a waste to buy a whole bunch, only use a little, and then have it go off.  When this round of herbs is done, we’ll see if we can hack the little seed baskets and put our own seeds in, instead of having to buy them in pre-arranged combination packets from the Aerogarden people.

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