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The blind blogger

I have begun countless blog posts.  I have written, completed and published thousands fewer.  One of my biggest obstacles is the absence of pictures: if I’m at work, or my camera is flat, or I just can’t seem to work a good angle on whatever I’m trying to snap, I feel like there’s no point in my continuing to write the post.  This is something of an Alice in Wonderland approach — what is the use of a blog post without pictures or conversation?  Perhaps it’s because my favourite blogs, the ones I read every day, usually have pictures and are, I think, enhanced by them. Eye candy day has become a popular feature in the blogging world, and photos of knitting or cooking can be exquisitely beautiful.  Domesticat has taken this to the next level and begun her own pet photography business (which is, I have to say, very, very awesome).  So I feel like offering up a blog post which isn’t littered with breathtaking photographs — and are there any others, these days? — is nothing short of cheating. Like inviting people over for dinner and then just serving toast. (Actually, that was a pretty poor analogy, because I love toast.  I’d be happy if someone invited me over for dinner and served me toast. Mm.)

But at the end of it, I read blogs because I like the words people use.  When I read news or magazine articles, I generally ignore the photos that accompany them, unless the photos really contribute something to the story.  And, overall, words are where I’m at. I know words.  We tight. I love good photos, I like taking photos, but I get fed up with the whole find the cable, plug it in, transfer pics, upload pics, etc. business.

So, where does that leave us?  That leaves us with a blog that involves lots of typing and talking, and sometimes pictures but not always.  And I’m okay with that if you are.

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