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Doesn’t seem right.

Even after a tasty coffee, I really don’t think this is an acceptable start to a morning:

In some languages, we find both the ergative and accusative case marking patterns. For example, pronouns may take Nominative-Accusative marking while common nouns take Ergative-Absolutive marking; or animate nouns may take Nominative-Accusative marking while inanimate nouns take Ergative-Absolutive marking.

Taken from “Analyzing Grammar: an Introduction”, if you’re interested (Kroeger, Paul; Cambridge University Press, 2009; p107). I know I’m not.

Honestly, on balmy autumn days, where the trees are beginning to blush and the parrots riot to get the last of the summer buds and sprigs, it does seem a near-criminal indecency to be reading this kind of stuff. Nevermind.

Thus concludes the first half of the semester — Act 1, if you will — and I will, like all good theatregoers, celebrate by exiting the building and having a nice champagne.  M and I take the winding and circuitous (and largely mobile phone signal-free) route to the city of my birth for Easter.  My grandmother awaits us with a pre-warmed bed and as many cups of tea as we can stomach.  I’ll try blogging on the road.

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