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Knitting crush

I am about 2/3rds through my second sleeve of Corona, which makes me approximately 5/6ths of the way through both sleeves.  I tried to be clever and work out what fraction of the overall pattern that means I have completed, but things got a bit complicated, and I thought that if I tried to be too precise, some smart-arse would jump up and correct my figures. So I’ll make a thoughtful face and estimate that I’m nearly halfway through the knitting.  Of course, as any experienced knitter will tell you, that doesn’t mean I’m half-done: that just means, in terms of the volume of stitches in the garment, I think I’m about halfway through them.  But not all stitches were created equal.

complex maths

pictured: complex maths

But who cares?  Look at her.  Isn’t she dreamy?

I love this project so much, and I’m not sure why.  Don’t get me wrong, the pattern is awesome, the yarn is nice, and the process is straightforward.  None of which explains my passionate, monogamous dedication to this pattern.  I don’t want to knit anything else: not socks, nor a scarf, nor anything.  Just Corona.  Me and Corona.  Corona and Me.  bethini luvs Corona 4 eva. Even the prospect of frogging my Green Forest Bodice — the writing has been on the wall for that one for quite some time — is not bothering me in the slightest, because I only want to knit Corona.

I’m still alternating balls with each round, and I’ll have to figure out a way of continuing this when I attach the sleeves to the body and work the yoke. But, honestly, while the two-ball thing (snigger) is making her awkward to carry around, I don’t care.  She’s totally worth it.  Any other pattern and I’d be cursing and using delaying tactics and complaining about it, but on Corona, it’s just cute.

Thank you, we’re very happy.

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