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On bliss

I think the all-hours plumber is our modern culture’s greatest salvation.

Within an hour of writing my last post, in which I commented that the toilet was blocked (ugh), a plumber was at our house, bless his Blundstones. He took one look at the loo, much to my mortification, and then went out the back and unblocked the pipes as if by magic. (Noisy, electric magic.) It was a huge relief for me, and I spent the rest of the day on a cloud of euphoria because we could use the toilet again.  It’s the little things that matter.

So last night, as I lay in bed, I reflected on the many things that make me happy. I wish this was the kind of stuff that will offset the horror that can strike every life, but it isn’t.  It’s merely the kind of stuff that takes the edge off; that puts petty annoyances back in their place, and reminds us, after the bad news has passed, that there is still a crazy-awesome life to savour.  (Mostly.)  Things like the sensation of sliding into a clean, cool, cotton-sheeted bed.  Aww, yeah.  And cheese!  Oh, man.  M and I went on a cheese crawl over the weekend.  Hopefully, pictures and detailed posts will follow.  Some of it is already gone forever.  I miss it, because it was beautiful. You can bet your bottom dollar that I’m taking cheese photos later tonight.  I’m going to macro-setting the hell out of those cheeses.

Last night, I had a sunset picnic by the lake, which sounds so awesome that you might think I’m making it up.  “Come on, bethini. Get real. Can something so awesome be real?”  I hear you saying, perhaps in a slightly wistful and jaded voice. Well, you can stop with the cynicism: it happened.  We picnicked by sunset (and you can too!).  We packed some of the aforementioned cheeses, some bread and wine and fresh fruit, and drove to the lake, where we sat and watched the sun set over the lake and all its ducks.  It was tremendously tranquil and uplifting.  There’s a grand peace I find around lakes and rivers and the ocean which makes me feel clear, calm and strong.  And where there’s ducks, of course, there’s happy.

I spent a lot of time knitting this weekend, which may, ever so slightly possibly maybe, have contributed to my overall sense of well-being.  I am neither a prophetess nor the daughter of a prophetess, but there is going to be more knitting before the sun goes down tonight.

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