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In which M blows my mind

M has some pretty l33t skillz, as the kids say.  He can make croissants, mix a wicked cocktail and fix my blog, often all in the same afternoon.  Lately, he’s been making some unbelievably good gnocchi, the recipe for which is closely guarded but very delicious.  And then last night, after a hectic weekend, we were idly sipping champagne and exchanging bon mots about the common folk, he decided to try another tactic.


This gnocchi was crazy-pants for two reasons. One: see above.  Exhibit A: one mighty fine sweet potato, cooked to perfection. Two: the above ingredient was microwaved.  As in, no water, just the whole thing briefly baked in the microwave.  Bam, beep, thank you, uh, sheep.  Then you halve it, scoop out the cooked flesh with a spoon and force it through either a ricer or a fine mesh sieve.  To this, he added an egg and enough flour to make it dough-y.  Then the dough was rolled into sausages, chopped into gnocchi, and boiled until it floated on the top of the water.

We served them tossed through some caramelised onions that M had prepared earlier (that’s another of his skillz), some salty-licious feta and a dollop of pesto (that’s one of my skillz).

Incredibly, wonderfully delicious.  The gnocchi (pronounced ger-knocky) were firm, lightly orange, and tender, and the saltiness of the feta was a beautiful contrast to the sweet, tender onions.  So, so good. I kinda wondered if using a sweet potato instead of a regular potato would work okay; maybe the starches in the regular potato help to bind the dough or something equally mystical.  The sweet potato was a fantastic substitute, and I think we’ll have to make it again soon.  And by we, I mean M.

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