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It’s that time again!

Random Wednesday!

Work been crazy busy? Uni been biting your butt? Mint plants mysteriously struggling?  Take a seat and enjoy a big fat gulp of Random Wednesday!

  1. I have rediscovered popcorn!  The delicious salty snack that is fluffy like a bowl of little fried clouds. M and I have had popcorn for dinner a few nights now (it’s awesome: a huge bowl of popcorn and a bottle of wine makes a surprisingly satisfying dinner), and I’m learning how to make it in a pan.  Previously, I’ve just stuck the kernels in a plastic dish and air-popped them in the microwave.  That works fine, believe me: but if you fry them in a teensy bit of oil, you can take the opportunity to add some chopped garlic and some chilli flakes and a dash of cayenne pepper to the oil first, thus infusing your popcorn with spicy wonderment.  Don’t hold back on the salt when it’s serving time.  I heard whispers on the Internet of chilli-lime-tequila popcorn, too.  I’ll let you know how that pans out when I get my mitts on some tequila.  I think we even have a single lime on the backyard tree.
  2. We’re well and truly into autumn now, and that means porridge!  Full disclosure: I sincerely believe that any time is porridge time, and thus that any season is porridge season.  However, there is an elevated level of satisfaction when you couple a bowl of piping hot porridge with morning chilliness.  Autumn is also a wonderful time to score cheap fruits at the markets, where I have been sourcing peaches the size of my head.  I stew the peaches in too much water, then add the oats and cook my porridge in the peach water.  Thus I get some peachy oats, stewed peaches, and to this I add a sprinkle of vanilla essence and cinnamon.  It’s delicious and tastes of autumn happiness, if such an abstract concept indeed had a taste.
  3. Figs are in season and I could not be happier.  My parents have a house on a property, and on the property is a creek.  Along that creek are wild quince and fig trees.  Two weekends in a row, we have armed ourselves with bags and optimism and marched down to the trees to see what we could find.  The result? Decadence.  Bags and bags of decadence, with an intense colour and flavour that I haven’t found anywhere else.  I’ve been bringing a small box of them to work and grazing on them all day long. I love everything about figs: the rich scarlet interior, the sticky sweet juice, the texture of the tiny seeds, the scent, the firm, yielding skin…everything about them says summer to me.  Whenever I feel a bit flat, i remember that I’ve got about half a kilo in the fridge at home, and cheer up immediately.  Fresh figs and rich cheese is the ultimate meal.
  4. Despite my love of autumn fruits (see above), I am excited about winter’s approach, and resent any day whose temperature beats 25 degrees.  I want cold days, punctuated with porridge and soup and daal and toasted sammiches, and M’s heavenly scrambled eggs with chilli.  I can’t wait.  I makes me ridiculously happy to watch the steam billowing off the surface of my tea, beause the air around it is chilly.

Hmm, perhaps this day’s Randomness is compromised by me writing a post before lunch.  Food seems to be uppermost in my thoughts.  Well, why shouldn’t it be? I don’t have to explain myself to you!  Man, I’m hungry.  I wish I had a fig right now.

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