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FO report – Mama Moth

I don’t think I’ve knit anything so pretty for a while.

This pretty, lacey, elegant shawl is for my pretty, lacey, elegant Mumini’s birthday.  Which makes it nearly a month overdue, but I bought her some earrings to distract her on the day.

Provided you’ve been paying close attention to the blog and not drinking all the cough syrup, you’ll have been in on this one from the start.  I enjoyed knitting it so, so much.  I’ve never made a lace shawl before, but it was damn fun — much more fun than I would have thought it would be, especially since I lost the chart right at the beginning of the project and had to knit the rest by reading the line-by-line instructions, a sure prescription for insanity (if not myopia).  But it was enthralling from beginning to end, although I confess that 363-stitch cast off isn’t something I’d like to do again in a hurry. Here’s the specs:

Pattern: The Luna Moth Shawl — mine is called Mama Moth because, well, it’s for my Mum.  Doesn’t get much more richly symbolic than that, does it?

Mods: El zilcho.

Yarn: South West Trading Company’s Bamboo; 100% bamboo, in a soft sagey green. Procured from a stash dive, originally bought in 2005? 2006? Not sure.

Needles: Quite big for a lace shawl pattern, 4.5 mm.  So this one isn’t a lofty, wafty shawl, more like a scarf/shawl hybrid.  Beautiful.

Happy birthday, Mumini!

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