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Blargh I am dead!

Good morning and kerchoo.  I have a cold.  I am rather relishing it, because while I am too sick to go to work (something about needing a nap after walking from the door to your desk limits your productivity), and I am not too sick to appreciate laying on the couch, knitting and reading.  So here I am. I’m working on the knitting-that-will-not-be-photographed, which is M’s black stockinette sweater, and considering phoning M at work to get him to come home and make me a cup of tea and some toast.

Good things about being sick:

  • People mistake what is in fact my normal level of functional stupidity as a result of being sick and sometimes take pity on me.
  • If I make horrible noises with my nose, people are silent in their disgust.
  • I can knit on the couch all the livelong day, broken up only by naps.

Bad things about being sick:

  • The obvious: I don’t really want to make horrible noises with my nose, and I would far rather have a functioning throat than the swollen box of cornflakes someone has mysteriously substituted for mine.
  • I can knit, but it has to be very simple and very slow.  Anything more challenging than 1×1 rib is right out.
  • There aren’t many cold medications I can take.  Anything with codeine or pseudoephidrine are no-goers, since they both make me ill, and anything without those two…well, you might as well be taking M&Ms.  Which I would, if we had any.  So it’s just toast, tea, soup and knitting.

The rottenest thing of all about being sick is that I have to factor in Addison’s Disease.  Since I was diagnosed last year, I’ve only been sick once, with food poisoning, and I’m still a bit of a n00b at the whole thing.  In short, when you’ve got Addison’s and you get sick, you suddenly have to double, triple or even quadruple your normal required daily dose of meds. I have to keep remembering that bit.  When I got food poisoning last year, it developed so rapidly that I didn’t even get a chance to up the meds, and ended up in hospital pretty damn quick. Not cool.  Unfortunately, if you ramp up your meds and you don’t need as much as you thought, you end up slightly manic and unable to sleep.  Plus it stirs up your appetite like you wouldn’t believe.

So, in order to keep myself healthy and upright, I am resolved to stay right here, knitting and reading, drinking tea and maybe having a little soup. Maybe have a little nap.  Maybe right now.

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