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If I’m honest, there is part of me that loves having lots of knitting projects on the go.  I like finishing things, too, and if I have projects on the go for too long, I start to feel a bit sad.  But having said that, I kinda like having a few options.  There’s the convenience of having a range of projects to suit my whims, according to whether or not I want to do some plain stockinette or something more complicated and so on.  And then there’s the pleasant surprises.

Having cast off the Mama Moth shawl — I haven’t blocked it yet, so no FO report for a bit — I felt like tackling some of my other works-in-progress, and dug out the biggest one I had, the one that’s really filling up my knitting in-box. M’s sweater. I haven’t been blogging about this one, because it’s a self-designed, black, stockinette sweater and, well, there isn’t much to say.  And the photos are fairly monotonous. It’s a very simple, top-down piece in dear old Merino Supreme. How I love its buttery softness, its lofty springiness and it’s machine-washablilty.  It bothers me tremendously that you only get something ludicrous like 59 metres of yarn in a ball, and it bothers me even more that it’s now discontinued (damn you Cleckheaton).  I can’t fathom the logic behind its discontinuation.  If I had my way, it would be reinstated, but you’d be able to buy huge 200g balls of it. But I digress!

This sweater has been like catching up with an old friend.  It goes around and around, plain, good old stockinette stitch all the way, and I’ve nearly finished the body. Just another ten rounds or so and then I’ll start on the ribbing. Comfortable, easy and familiar, I’m enjoying the peace that accompanies this piece, and it’s a refreshing break from all the lace. When I finish the body and have made M try it on, I’ll begin picking up stitches around the armholes to work the sleeves down. I would like to work them simultaneously, but I’m not sure I’ve got enough dpns in the right size.  And after that, the stitches around the neckline for ribbing.  I’m thinking, since I end the body, sleeves and neckline in ribbing, I might do a kitchener bind off at each point. I think you can’t beat a kitchener bind off for an attractive ending to rib, and I’ve got the patience for it.  Maybe.

I can’t help but wonder what my response will be when I start pulling out other projects from the basket and working through them: I wonder which ones will be a pleasant delight and which ones will be a jarring reminder of bursts of incompetence?  And which ones should I finally sack up and frog?

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