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Is this really an effective use of my time?

They’re right. Lace in progress looks like arse.  It looks as though it has been knit with chewed up leftover kitchen string.  It’s all puckery and stupid-looking, and I’m having serious second thoughts about the wisdom of this choice of project.  I mean, look at it:

Arse. I’m continuing with it because (a) everyone says that lace looks like butt pre-blocking, but somehow magically transforms post-block; and (b) the pattern itself is really quite fun and satisfying. As long as I ignore what it looks like — and since I have to seriously concentrate on this pattern, that’s not so hard — this is pretty good fun to knit.

Curiously, when I bought this SWTC bamboo yarn, I bought two batches — one purple, one sage green. The sage green one has a hempy, roughish hand and minimal lustre.  It’s still pretty, but it’s in marked contrast with the high-gloss, slick purple I bought.  Same company, same yarn; maybe the green was a first edition or something like that. I’m hoping it will become a bit slicker and glossier after I wash it.

I’m pinning a lot of hopes on blocking…

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