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So this is getting weird now. Having to put aside my Purple Corona while I waited for my new ball of yarn to arrive, I picked up Purple Flounceypants and began working. There is voodoo woven into this yarn.  There is a magic spell twisted around every stitch — and whether that means it’s going to be the most perfect, awesome project I’ve ever made or if it means that the project the whole thing is going to twist my heart around and then make me crash and burn, well, that’s too early to tell.  But I’m enjoying at the moment.

It’s still surprising me, though: whatever I try seems to work okay.  I didn’t know what size needles I should use for the st st bodice part, so I just guessed — and, well, so far, so good.  I wasn’t sure how to do a scoopy, short-row back, so I just read up some notes on Ravelry and winged it.

[picture added purely for visual interest — accuracy not guaranteed]

So, either this is going to be awesome-o-licious-o-rama, or if it’s going to be one of those things where I cast off and the creeping horror builds as I realise I’ve invested time, energy, yarn and blogspace on a Freaking Disaster.  This is infusing the whole project with a frisson of excitement.

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