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Random Wendesday!

It’s time for Random Wednesday everybody!  When I have a set of disparate thoughts that I need to get in order and get out there, it’s time for Random Wednesday!  Let’s party!

Random thing the first: While I was cruising Ravelry the other day, I hooked onto a thread talking about DIY sock clubs.  I love the idea of sock clubs, and originally asked M for membership into the Blue Moon Fibre Arts Rockin’ Sock Club for my Christmas present.  But then I noticed it was about $300 and you only got six pairs out of it.  That seemed like too much.  There are plenty of other sock clubs around, and I still think it’s an awesome idea, but I’m hugely tickled with the DIY sock club idea.  You take twelve skeins of sock yarn from your stash, assign them each a sock pattern and pop them into unlabelled brown paper bags, then put them all back into your stash, perhaps in some sort of presentation box.  Voila!  Instant sock club!  Once a month, you dip in and select a bag at random and whip it out, and hey presto, you’ve got yourself that month’s sock kit.  I love it.  If I was at all committed to completing a certain amount of socks this year, that is totally what I would do.  I think it might be a project for next year, though (Christ, it’s only January and I’m laying down 2010 plans).

Second random thing: You may have noticed the absence of photographs in this post.  I have been thinking lately that I often put off blogging because I haven’t got my camera with me/the light isn’t good for photos/the camera is flat, etc. etc.  And that’s a shame, because I genuinely love blogging and I don’t like putting it off.  So, while I still believe the best blog posts usually have photos, if only for visual interest (colours! wow!), I’m going to post more often in spite of their absence.  This may occasionally mean you get pictures of my knitting that I have drawn using gimp, but I’m okay with that.

Next-after-second random thing: People dig structure.  As previously mentioned, I have been cruising Ravelry groups, and I find it interesting how many of the “Complete X (number) of Y (project type) in 2009!” groups.  There’s groups committed to churning out a sweater every month, a pair of socks every week, reading a book every week, finishing-or-frogging unfinished projects every month — and so on.  I like it.  I think people realise that, when they’re feeling overhwlemed by the enormity of the sum of all their goals, they can break it down to weekly or monthly or whatever mini-goals, share it with similar-minded peeps, and chip away at things.  And I really like the idea of all these people getting together online, agreeing to do something, and then beavering away — something about all that creativity, dedication and hard work warms the little Beatrix-Potter-cockles of my soul.

Random thing of the fourth order: Quandary posed to self this week: when does a stash become stupid? Sure, there’s stuff in there at the moment that I wouldn’t wear to be maimed in a paddock, but that’s not necessarily a good reason to get rid of it, right? Maybe in two years’ time, fluffy, sheddy, itchy yarn in dusky pink will be totally me.  And fun fur will be back in!

Penultimate random thing: Purple flounceypants continues.  Calm, totally chilled and pretty, nothing horrific has happened, despite the fact that I am now totally winging it.

Final random thing:  There isn’t one.  I wanted to use the word “penultimate” for the last thing, and then realised I didn’t really have an ultimate one.  I’m not changing it.

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