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Unwelcome pause

I had to stop knitting my purple Corona.  I am not at all pleased about this!  I have reached the spot in the pattern where I am to cast on the sleeves and work them up to the armpits; then, I’ll join the sleeves and the body together in one glorious unity and finish up to the shoulders.  It’s all so perfect.


I’m not sure I’ll have enough wool.  I’ve ordered another ball from the Bendigo Wool Mills, but it almost certainly won’t be the same dyelot as the other two balls I have.  So I’ll have to work the sleeves alternating between a ball of the old dyelot and a ball of the new.  It’s a bit of a pain, but I think it’s worth it; I already love this jumper fiercely and I really don’t want anything to bother me about it when it’s done, like, oh, an obviously mismatch in the colours of the sleeves.  So now I have to wait for the new yarn to arrive.

I miss it so much.  I miss the cable pattern (which I’ve memorised), and the delightful portabillty of the project.  Even with a massive 200g Bendigo Woollen Mills ball dangling off it, this is a really portable project.

I’m used to projects that need me to keep working on them, even when I’m psychologially over the whole affair; I’m not used to projects that suddenly are over me.

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