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So new you can still smell the plastic!

It’s 2009!  Holy cow! M and I woke up to 2009 after only four hours’ sleep, with the discovery that M’s sore throat had developed into tonsilitis and his throat was so swollen and sore he could hardly move his head.  You know how they say you should start the New Year as you mean to go on?  I started off 2009 by losing the shoes I wore to the party and getting a pimple.  At least I didn’t have a hangover, which I think was a blaze of good luck – as M pointed out, there is nothing that makes you feel more smug than not being hungover on New Year’s Day.

I don’t know anybody who makes New Year’s resolutions, which I think is interesting.  Most people I know set their goals and ambitions all year round, without any kind of heed to the arbitrary deadlines of the Gregorian calendar.  Having said that, I’ve always had a sneaking interest in New Year’s resolutions.  I love listing goals and plans, and a new year seems like an excellent block of time to chose to complete them in. I often make a list on Monday morning of all the things I want to “achieve” during the coming week (sometimes these lists include things like “buy teabags”, so I don’t know if “achieve” is the most accurate word here).  During the past week or so I have thought up about a brazillion different goals, relating to various hobbies and pre-existing ambitions and plans.  Trying to list them all would not only be fairly pointless but also overwhelming: I will let the convenient sieve of memory filter out which ones turn out to be the most relevent and worth pursuing.  (To the unobservant, this will look a lot like not making any resolutions at all, but, trust me, there’s a subtle difference.)

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