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Gust of thingo

I can feel it coming: a gust of make-everything-perfect.  I want to reset my knitting buttons: frog those that have lingered too long; finish those that deserve to be finished; correct the errors that are cluttering my needles.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who loses momentum the moment they realise there’s a mistake to be fixed.  Not all mistakes, of course — a dropped stitch here and there doesn’t freak me out, even in colourwork. But when you realise you’ve got to rip back to correct some serious work…well, suddenly it’s very easy to find something else to do.   I think this tendency is exacerbated by my inclination to throw things down in a huff when I find a big mistake.

And then there’s the mistakes that creep up on you.  You may remember I finished my black Sahara a while ago? Well, the past few times I’ve worn it, I’ve noticed myself shrugging and twisting to grab the cuffs every so often.  I think the sleeves are too short, by about two inches each.  Yeah.  Bugger.  The worst part is, now that I’ve realised that, it’s severely diminished the likelihood of me wearing Sahara anywhere.  I know I’ve got another ball of the required yarn somewhere in the stash, so I have to dig it out and get going.  I know what I’ve got to do, and how to go about doing it, but honestly, what a pain in the arse.  And, when I’ve finished fixing up the sleeves, all I get is the jumper I thought I already had.  Of course, to look at it honestly, I technically don’t have a jumper at the moment, because I shy away from wearing it while the sleeves are too short.

And then there’s this baby: I only remembered I still had work to do on this one when I started searching for other things to cast on.  “Hey, I should totally make the Simple Knitted Bodice again…oh, wait a second…” I think I’m going to have to put on my big girl pants with this one.  Put the stitches on a string and try it on — I hate trying stuff on, even finished, in-the-shops stuff — and work out how big I want to make it.  No screwing around with “close enough”.  This time, it’s all or nothing.

The problem with this breeze of enthusiasm for reform is the mounting horror: at first you think “yeah, I’ll just fix up those couple of things that are causing me grief, and then it’s full steam ahead into the new project lineup!” and then you start taking stuff out and you remember…oh yeah.  There’s that sweater I’ve been promising M.  And the lacey tank I started in spring.  And the single sock waiting on a mate in the stash.  And and and.  It gets a bit overhwleming, and then it’s just so easy to think “maybe I’ll just cast on something simple to take the edge off…” and before you know it, you’re surrounded by more unfinished projects.

I was nearly going to make a New Year’s resolution that involved nothing being cast on until I finished up all those others, but I realised pretty quickly that it would be dead in the water before January 2.

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