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Who knows?

So the other day I cast on Corona, an awesomely cool hoodie that I’m sure is going to make me the coolest kid in the playground.  (The link is for the archives for that month on Canary Knits’ blog — you need to scroll down about a third of the way to see the awesome hoodie I speak of.)

The thing is, I’m starting to think I may have been a little cocky.  Riding on the wave of success I had with first the beret, and then the matching gloves…they both just worked so perfectly, so easily, that maybe I was a little premature.  And then there was the Knucks – oh, I don’t think I mentioned them.  Some fingerless gloves I cast on and finished in about two days…hardly worth mentioning really, but again, it was simply a case of casting on with whatever needles I had in my handbag and having it magically come together.  I can only assume that these small successes are designed to make me feel invincible and thereby set me up for a huge and colossal disaster.  (Which is why I’m blogging about it: if it’s going to be colossal, it’s going to be public.)

So I did a swatch and got gauge. Sort of.  I mean, I’m a quarter of a stitch per inch over, but since the top claims to have about five inches (!!) of negative ease, I figure an extra stitch every few inches probably won’t hurt me too badly.  Right? Right? (How come nobody wants to high-five me?)

Anyway, here it is:

It’s kinda tedious to look at, actually.  I haven’t the faintest idea whether this project is going to work or not.   The ribbing looks too snug to pull over my hips, but if I really stretch it out, I can almost imagine it’s going to work out. Here it is with a pencil for the purposes of size comparison (an HB pencil, for what it’s worth):

And I’m not 100% sure that I’ve got enough yarn, either.  I guess I’ll order another ball to make sure; that way, if it’s a different dye lot, I can work alternating rows with it, so as to diminish any obvious clash of colours. At this stage, I’m not too sure I care whether it’s going to work out or not: I’m really enjoying the soothing roundy-go-round of the stockinette, and it really is ideal social knitting, which is a high priority at the moment.  And something about the smooth and even fabric I’m producing is very pleasing at present.

So who knows if it will work out? Stay tuned for the inevitable angst as I emotionally invest more and more in this potentially ill-fated project!

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