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Anxiety socks II: electric boogaloo

I wrote a little while ago about the start of my Anxiety socks, and now I’ve finally completed them.  Huzzahs are in order!  I finished the first one in a fit of unhappiness and anxiety, in a situation where there was a lot of driving in the car, a lot of waiting around, and a LOT of needing something to concentrate on while extended family members talk loudly and cheerfully for hours and hours, despite the gravity of the situation that has drawn them together.  (I come from an exuberant family.)  When I got out of that environment, there was less panicking, and so the socks flagged somewhat. Today I finished them, and I feel a sense of release.

I really love the feeling of finishing something that has been hanging over me for a while: even if it means frogging and restarting, or going back and correcting a mistake that occurred waaaay back.  I wish I knew why I keep putting such tasks off.  The satisfaction I get out of cleaning up such jobs is huge. But I suppose that they lack the sex appeal of new projects, all wrapped in potential perfection.

Anyway, the Anxiety socks are finished and keeping my feet warm.  That’s all that matters as far as they’re concerned.  Also: check out how little yarn I had left!  This is prior to working the kitchener bind off, and the only reason I had for thinking I would have enough to finish is because I had used approximately the same amount of yarn as in the first sock, and that one seemed to work out okay.

But check out how much I had left over afterwards!  That’s hardcore.

Here’s the satisfyingly small offcuts:

While I am not normally preoccupied with frugality in my knitting, there’s something about having only this much left over that thrills me to bits.  I think it has to do with feeling “done” with a project, and no longer having a commitment to that yarn.  Which is kind of strange, given how much I love having yarn.

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