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Back in the saddle

It’s been a rough month, and it’s only the 14th.  Now I know December is rarely the easiest of months for anybody (except for people still young enough to wear pyjamas with feet), what with Christmas shopping, winding up work for the year, school plays a-go-go, exams, graduations, work Christmas parties, the horror of extended family gatherings, etc.

But try contracting salmonella for a fortnight and then come talk to me.  Ugh.  Not at all cool.  I spent my birthday in a wrecked, feverish Addisonian crisis haze and wound up on a drip in hospital.  I didn’t even remember it was my birthday until mid-afternoon, and M admitted that, although he remembered, he didn’t have the heart to wish me happy birthday while we were both crippled with the many horrific symptoms of food poisoning.  I thank him for that.

Anyway, I’m done with being sick now.  I’m exhausted and have to go to bed at around 8:30 each night, but that’s no biggie.  I like being in bed.

On the first day that M and I were able to get out of bed and watch TV, a package arrived for M.  It was part of my birthday present, the last backordered skein in what turned out to be a very generous parcel of knitting supplies.  Gorgeous Arucania sock yarn, in semi-solid dark teal.  Ohyes.  I left the precious skein in its ziploc bag, and held it gently as some sort of get-well-soon talisman.  It became my new best friend and I carried it about with me everywhere: while sitting, zonked, on the couch and while snoring in bed. Yarn makes me happy.  It was an indescribable relief to look at something as precious as yarn and think about what to make with it — it served as a wonderful reminder that being upright and healthy and participating in activities other than being sick wasn’t just something other people did, but something I would be able to soon do.  When we were both feeling much better, M presented me with the rest of my birthday present, and my magic, hope-inspiring teal yarn was joined by three equally charismatic brothers:

For some reason, the red in that photo is more tomato-ey than it is in real life: in real life, that yarn is a darker red, more like a claret.  Beeeeyewtiful.  Here’s a close up of the semi-solid variation in colour that comes through in the dark blue:

And here’s a closeup of the purple, because I just can’t stop loving the macro setting on my camera:

Pretty yarn is magical yarn.  I’m feeling so much better just looking at it.

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