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Huggable evil

My little woolly chum is finished!

Aww, look at him there, being all evil.  He’s going to take over the universe!  Isn’t that just darling?  Pew pew pew!  Heh. Look at his big, huggable bottom.  Oh, who’s a cute, sinsiter little alien? You are! You are! (And check out the adorable triffid next to him!)

This is a really good pattern: I’ve made it twice now, and it’s been very satisfying and easy both times.  It’s pretty straightforward, but clever and effective as well.  Full points to Penwiper, who put it together.

Project specs:

Pattern: Extermiknit by Penwiper

Mods: None, unless you count forgetting to do the eye bobbles in white instead of black. Oh, and also, I didn’t do the provisional cast on at the bottom: I used a regular cast on and then picked up the stitches later.  I don’t know if that counts as a proper mod, though, because the only reason I did it that way was because I couldn’t remember how to do a provisional cast on, and I was out and about, so I just thought ‘stuff it’. Man, I’m one dedicated knitter.

Yarn: Honestly not sure.  Some random acrylic I found in the stash.  Actually, it’s probably left over from the last Dalek I made.  Wouldn’t it be great to see them together?  Maybe they’ll bump into each other some day.  And be twins! Aw.

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