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Where cute and evil collide

Guess what I’m knitting!  No, you never will — and even if you could, I couldn’t hear you, because this is a blog and not a conversation.  I’m knitting a dalek!  Or, as I like to call him, a darlingek.  The pattern is here and I really can’t recommend it highly enough.  It’s clear and easy to follow, and I tip my bonnet to Penwiper, who put it together out of their own thinky brain.

I made one last year for a friend’s baby shower, and everybody plotzed when they saw it.  Seriously: I finished it during a lunch break at work and then sat it on my desk, and had to spend the afternoon deftly fielding requests for them combined with shrieks of “Awwww, it’s so cute!”  Pop one of these on your desk and see it happen (unless I work in a workplace with an unusually high level of Dr Who awareness).  Anyway, I’m whipping one up for a friend’s Christmas present.  It’s a really good knit.  There’s some bits that require a bit of fiddling, but nothing more complicated than alternating colours between rows.

And then, of course, there’s these guys:

Ugh, bobbles.  This is the only pattern I’ve ever made with bobbles, because frankly I can’t stand them on garments (alright, I’d probably like little tiny ones on socks, but that would be it) (or maybe on a hat) (or perhaps on the ends of a scarf) (perhaps I should rethink my position here) and they’re annoying to make — not hard, but annoying.  Especially since the needles I was using have unbelivably blunt tips.  Ridiculously blunt.  Like, I’m struggling to pick up stitches with them because it’s like trying to pick up stitches with an eraser blunt.  Still!  Faint heart ne’er won fair dalek, so I charged on and did all the bobbles.  They’re very effective, actually.

Despite having done the eyes in the wrong colour, which I only just noticed then, I expect to have this little baby finished before too long.  Which is good, because right now he looks a bit sad:

PS – I think I deserve some sort of prize for not making any (count ’em, not one) puns around the word “exterminate”.  A cheese sandwich will be fine, thankyou.

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