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Keeping a low profile

Flounceypants is still magically perfectolicious.  I was working on it in my lunchbreak at work and realised I had reached the end of the lace portion (18 repeats, not 15), and became a little nervous.  I’ve satisfactorily completed the lace, and I’ve even scanned over it with a fine-toothed eye or whatever and…well, it’s perfect.  Drapey, casual, pretty – what more could I ask of a knitted summer top?  I’m beginning to feel suspicious, as though, at any second, the top could burst into flames and singe off my eyebrows, thus making me a social pariah for a time (although providing me with a chance to extra on the Simpsons as another eyebrow-free citizen).  It’s just a little…too good to be true, y’know?  It’s making me jumpy.

The next step is to increase slightly, then begin an eyelet row, which will eventuallly be threaded with some fine satin ribbon.  After that, the stockinette bodice.

Here’s the lacey part so far, as modelled by the charming Tawnee.

Since I’m already dicing with the knitting Fates here, I thought I’d throw in a few mods to make failure just that little bit easier to achieve.  To that end, I’ll be working short rows around the back, so that it’s a little lower than the front – I think this will make it more likely to fit properly, especially around the armpits.  And I’ll be adding some straps, although the jury (by which I mean me) is out on whether or not these will be funky i-cord spaghetti straps, or broader, bra-strap-hiding stockinette straps.  Someone on ravelry has pointed out that, if you do your straps in stockinette, no amount of blocking will ever stop them curling, so maybe the i-cord is the way to go. (Now that I re-read that sentence, I can see that choosing to describe the i-cord option as ‘funky’ and the alterative as ‘bra-strap hiding’, I think I may have already unconsciously made that decision at the time of writing anyway.)

So, just a few simple steps to go!  Measure my rib circumference, adjust stitch count as necessary, work eyelet row, and then a few inches of plain stockinette in the round, and I’ll have a fantastic new summer top in soft, cool bamboo yarn.

Hold me.

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