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I am looking nervously over my shoulder

Purple Flounceypants is proceeding nicely.  Very nicely.  Too nicely.

There’s ten repeats of lace there, and I’m planning to do around 14 (or maybe 15, since I prefer odd numbers).  The original pattern calls for eight repeats, but that’s for a shorter top and bigger gauge.  Since I’m working with a finer yarn, with the intention of a longer top, I’m chugging onwards to greater numbers.

I’m a bit worried, though. You remember how I was saying that I’ve had a few smackdowns on this baby? I think I worked out this is my fourth (or fifth?) cast on.  It’s now going so swimmingly that I’m beginning to be concerned something awful is going to happen to it.  That this is just the gods toying with me.  Letting me get all calm and relaxed, growing my attachment to the project — and then BAM, I’ll lose it to a rapid hyena.  Yes, rapid, not rabid.  We don’t have rabies in Australia.  (Or hyenas.  Shut up.)

Here’s how blessed this baby is: last night, after a few drinks, we switched off all the lights and watched the X-Files movie.  I knit on my top by feel and memory; I didn’t stuff it up.  Think about that. I knit a full lace repeat, after a few drinks, in the dark, while gripped by an exciting and twisting movie.  And I didn’t stuff it up.  I’m really worried about this.  Either it’s a magnificently blessed knitting project, or things are going to ultimately become disastrous. To tell you the truth, I’m a bit scared.

This might be your final glimpse of it.

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