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I love it when things chug along nicely.  The new blog, the sushi; everything’s coming up bethini at the moment.  Of course, this meant that when the smackdown came, it wasn’t wholly unexpected, and I was more emotionally ready to deal with it.

So, I cast on a nice lacey summer top.  Lelah, from Knitting for Boozehags.  I’m going to make a few tweaks later on in the pattern, but we’ll get to those later.  First time, I didn’t take into account that the yarn I’m using is significantly thinner than the one suggested in the pattern.  Went down a few needle sizes so that the lace looked like lace and not a string bag for oranges.  Of course, a clever knitter would have remembered that thinner yarn + smaller needles = smaller gauge.  (Let’s face it, a clever guinea pig could probably have reminded me of that fact.) The lacey section was now so small that I couldn’t have put one of my arms in it.  Third time’s the charm (or not): I swatched, did some maths, cast on.  Then I read the pattern and remembered that the lacey section is in slightly bigger needles than the ones you need for the swatch.  I had only cast on, so I just swapped the tips on my Knit Picks Options needles and continued on with the bigger needles.  Let’s just review that again: I cast on with needles two sizes smaller than the ones I continued with.  And then I had the gall to be surprised when it came out with a slightly pouffy effect.  I decided to wait and see if it was going to be noticeable (I really should learn to stop knitting and walk away when I start telling myself “nobody will even notice” or, even worse “I’m sure it will block out”), but in the end, it was all a bit academic, as I’d twisted the join.  No wonder it looked like arse.

At this stage, I probably would have thrown a wee tantrum and simply cast on something else, but the problem is I’m not staying at home at the moment.  If I want to rummage in the stash, I have to drive to it. So I had a glass of wine, took a deep breath, and cast on again.

Bugger me.  It’s gorgeous.  I’m not saying anything more until either: (a) I cock up again; or (b) it’s finished.

On Ravelry, I’d originally called this “Le Purple Tank”, but in a moment of giddy triumph, I’ve decided to rename it.  This lacey tank is now Purple Flounceypants.

Here’s an extra reason for the giddiness:

He’s my new toy.

And, for scale, I’ve put a fifty-cent piece on the front there.  This is a tiny wee pixie of a laptop — perfect for bethini on the go!

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