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A refreshing change

Today’s post comes from the “Holy crap it worked!” file.

First “Holy crap it worked!”: This weekend M and I bought a gazebo.  Not a cemented-in, static gazebo, but a poles-and-mesh job from the hardware shop that dismantles and packs away into a convenient carry case. We were meeting some friends for a picnic by the lake…okay, it was actually a fondue by the lake.  Anyway, we took the gazebo and set it up:



Completely awesome.  The clouds parted just after this photo, making everything glow golden and beautiful.  Except us, of course, since we were in the convenient shade of our portable gazebo.

Second “Holy crap it worked!”: while in a hurry in a supermarket, I, on a whim, grabbed a sushi kit.  It contained six sheets of nori, a bag of rice and a sachet of powdered vinegar (and, I assume, other flavouring things) and instructions on how to make sushi.  Since Monday was a public holiday, I thought sushi-making was as good a way to celebrate as any. And holy cow!  It actually worked!  I’ve made sushi before, but it was never as successful as this.  They’re filled with avocado, carrot, cucumber and tempeh marinaded in chilli.  Completely awesome and delicious.

Although I must admit, it’s really hard to photograph sushi in such a way that they look tasty.  Note my use of the classic blogger photography trick: really really really close-up pictures, that look vaguely artistic.

Third and most awesome “Holy crap it worked!”: Allow me to direct you to Quaffle.  I can’t shut up.  Cheers!

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