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Crossing the line

Whenever I finish a major knitting project, especially one that has been hanging over me for a while, I usually feel a bit uninspired afterwards. I think it’s because, as I’m nearing the end of a project, I’m thinking about it a lot more, so I feel like I’m doing way more knitting than I actually am. And now that Spring has come to Canberra, as though with the flick of a switch, having my hands and lap full of wool seems a little less attractive.

There’s a fine line in knitting, I think, between ‘hobby’ and ‘symptom of mental illness’. I suspect that line exists in most hobbies. For example, I am confident that I am not the kind of person to knit: (a) a bathmat; (b) a dressing gown; (c) a bedjacket (honestly, who wears bedjackets anymore?); (d) curtains. I feel sure that if I begin to sense the itch to knit any of those things, I’ll know that there’s something a bit awry in the belfry. But I’m not as sure as I used to be.

Take summer tops, for example. I have long held the view that summer and knitting don’t really click. You can knit in the summer, sure, but it’s in anticipation of winter, right? You’re working on socks and gloves and jumpers and things. But summer tops? Give me a break. Who would want a fluffy, woolly summer top? Then, of course, I discovered bamboo. And cotton. And linen. There’s some seriously sexy fibres out there, perfect for summer clothes. And then designers come along and show me things like this:


And this:

[Lelah Tank]

And this:

[Ribbon X-Back]

So my brain has registered that springtime means I need new clothes, and the part of my brain that formerly whispered “We could knit something?” has now begun firmly asserting “We really should knit something.” (I suspect this is the same part of my brain that hates shopping, and therefore has a vested interest in the whole affair, but I digress.)

There is a lot more of the pretty in the summer knitting world than I had hitherto forethought. And look how small they are, compared to a pullover or a cardigan! I could seriously knit one of those tops in a week, right? Right?

I do need more summer tops. Pretty ones. Funky ones. Ones that fit me just right. Really, it would be silly not to knit them.

You’d tell me if that was crazy, right? If my knitting had crossed over into…you know…weird territory.  You’d tell me, wouldn’t you?

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