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Highs and lows

I finished Sahara! Yay!


For what it’s worth, there are about a million ways in which that picture could be improved; this top is beautiful, fits well and flatters me, but I haven’t known you very long, Internet, and I’m not ready to share photos of myself.  And it would look weird on the dog.



The set-in sleeves of Sahara. Ages and ages ago, I thought I was a genius for thinking up a way of doing set-in sleeves in the round, from the top down.  I was, at first, disappointed to see that someone had thought it up way before me (kudos Barbara Walker: is there anything you can’t do?) but when I saw how good it was, I switched to elated.  Wendy’s implementation of the short-row sleeve cap in this pattern is nothing short of perfect.  It’s clearly explained, quickly completed and totally satisfying. These sleeves are beautiful.  The short rows around the top of the sleeve extend it out and down, just at the right angle for a set-in sleeve.  The result is a gorgeous, flattering shoulder cap that doesn’t bunch up under the arms or pull tight when you wave them all about.


The curiously coal-like colour of my fingertips after a marathon knitting session.  There’s a bit of superficial dye left in this yarn, which *hopefully* will rinse out at the first blocking.



The textured hem around the wrists, neck and shirt-tail hem.  In a slinkier yarn, I suspect it would be quite lacey; in my alpaca/silk blend, it’s a little fluffy and bobbly.  I like it a lot; if someone had explained to me it would look bobbley, I would probably have avoided it, but it looks pretty good.


Ugh.  The p3tbl I had to do, using these exceptionally blunt needles:


Here’s a comparison with a freshly-sharpened pencil:


Working with these suckers hurt my hands and wrists, so I could only do the textured trim in short bursts.  But do them I did!  Brave bethini! I had packed my KnitPicks Options set, and it would have been sheer, tickly pleasure to do a p3tbl with them, but I neglected to double check which points were in the set and which were still, uh, in suspension in other projects.  Sadly, my five milimetre points are doing active duty somewhere else, so the needles pictured above were all I had left.

Another Low:

Forgetting to change to smaller needles for the textured trim. Oopsie poopsie!

Highest of the high:

The fit. Aw yeah. You should see it.  The shirt-tail hem hits my hips and the neckline — adjustable according to taste — is very flattering.

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