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Since M and I are staying away from home for a bit, I packed my knitting carefully.  Socks, obviously, for knitting while chatting, or any time when I’m too seized up and miserable to knit anything that needs concentration.  And some spare sock yarn for the next pair, since I’m up to the second of the current pair. And an old UFO, who has been languishing — undeservedly, it seems — in the Cupboard for Wayward Knits for a while.

Say hi to Sahara. (This is a bit of a cop-out photo, since I don’t have any all-over in-progress shots, just artsy closeups of the details that are enchanting me so.)


You’ve probably seen the pattern around: it’s available on Stitch Diva, and it’s one of Wendy Bernard’s (of Knit and Tonic) patterns.

I sprinted through the body and had it knit in about a month (I think — my memory is fuzzy), and then…well, I’m not sure.  I started the sleeve and got 2/3 through it, and then, I don’t know.  I got sick of it, or thought I’d made a mistake, or started working on something else.  There are a million frequent reasons I surrender my knitting at any point, and I can’t even remember what drove us apart.  I suspect I put it aside to work on some winter knits for M’s and my trip to Europe, and then couldn’t remember whereabouts in the pattern I was up to, and then it seemed too hard to figure it out.  I can’t believe how slack I am.

But Sahara came with me when I packed up: I knew there was going to be long periods of waiting where M and I were going, and I thought it would be good time to have something else to think about, like a forgotten knitting pattern.  And all the little quirks and details I had forgotten enchanted me.

The textured trim around the edges.


The clever explanation for set-in sleeves, knit in the round, top-down.


And the soft, tender yarn I’m using.  70% baby alpaca, 30% silk.  It’s as beautiful as it sounds, with a slight halo and a gentle lustre.  I think I have a crush on it.

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