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While relaxing in my contemporary art-deco distressed-wood-floorboard gazebo-adorned lighthouse mansion, I often take some time to have a cup of coffee and browse the intermowebs.  It’s important to keep up with what the regular people are doing, don’t you think?

The search for the perfect boiled egg seems to continue to wrack humanity’s finest minds.  This interesting article discusses slow-cooking eggs and what effect that has on the consistency of the egg.  Makes me wish I had a slow cooker so I could do some experimenting of my own.

I am disproportionately interested in this cool brownie pan.  As someone who (a) doesn’t make brownies very often, (b) doesn’t eat them when she does make them and (c) has no difficulty slicing her brownies after they are cooked, there really is no reason for me to want this addition to the kitchen.  Except, y’know, it would make my kitchen about four times more awesome (although, now that I think of it, I’m not sure how much awesome is permitted in a rental property. I should check that out.).

I do not pretend to understand this.  I can only raise a single eyebrow in curious respect and hope somebody can let me know how it turned out.

And finally, always remember: in a world that sometimes seems hectic, uncaring, grey and cold, there are people out there who make stuff like this, and that makes you realise everything will probably be okay.

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