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Unplanned holiday

Sorry about the hiatus, chums.  I wish I could say that my life has been so glorious and hectic and dazzling that I’ve been kept away from the keyboard, but frankly, that’s not the case.  I’ve just been doing other stuff.

Things I Have Been Doing:

Finished reading the Harry Potter series.  When I was in Year 12, I worked briefly in a bookshop, just when Harry Potter was ascending in popularity.  I started reading it then, and loved it.  Putting aside all the fans, the movies, the merchandise, the clubs, the hype and the slash fiction that has emerged in the wake of this wave, the Harry Potter books are really good.  The author doesn’t waste her words (which is a fair claim when you’re talking about a 600-page book) and the characters are all pretty interesting.  Some of the Big Twists at the end of the second-last and last book are already starting to trickle through the Internet, so I wanted to read them myself before the whole plot was completely revealed.  Anyway, that was really enjoyable.   I had forgotten how much I liked these books, since when Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (number 5) came out, I was in the queue when the bookshop opened, and read the whole thing in two days.  That, combined with all the hype that surrounded the book over the subsequent weeks, meant that I was utterly, completely sick to death of the whole mythos.   Until now!
Read “Catch Me If You Can” by Stephen Redding and Frank W. Abagnale — the biography of the latter, which served as the basis for the Leonardo DiCaprio/Tom Hanks vehicle of the same name.  (I haven’t seen the film.)  My God!  That man had some cajones, if I may borrow his expression.  The first couple of sentences struck me as a little glib, and I wondered if I was going to enjoy the book or not: I suspected it might be a boasting, swaggering kind of book.  But it is awesome, and I’m glad I bought it.  The voice that comes through in the book feels like it must Abagnale’s, and it makes the stories that much more believable, as if you were listening to him tell you face-to-face.  I still can’t get over some of the things thathe got away with, and I am astounded at the fortitude of the man’s spine, guts and balls.  He must be a charismatic chap.

Took a long, hard look at my knitting.  As alert readers may have noticed, I haven’t said much about the Purple Olive hoodie lately.  That’s because I sat down with my yarn, my scales, and the hoodie-so-far and did some maths.  It’s not looking good.  Maths doesn’t lie to me; numbers and I are pretty much on the level, if you see what I’m saying.  And I discovered that I don’t have enough yarn to finish it.  Not by a long, long way.  I can’t even cheat and do the cuffs and trim in a contrast yarn.  Once again, the divine buttery springiness that is Cleckheaton’s Merino Supreme has broken my heart with its painfully low yardage.  In order to prevent such heartbreak happening again, I recently bought 30 balls of the stuff on special, in a delicious inky black.  I’m making M a sweater out of it, which I suspect will use nearly all of it (he likes his sweaters big). But if there’s enough left, maybe, just maybe…

Finally: tiny knits!  Most of the things I have been knitting lately have been around Aran-weight, mostly on 5 or 6mm needles.  After doing a bit of a rummage through my works-in-progress shelf, I discovered a half-finished sock that I had, mysteriously, given up on.  I think the colourway got to me after a while (I’ll upload pictures shortly and you can see what I mean), because there are absolutely no problems with this sock.  I cast it on in the car on the way to Sydney last December, just before flying to Europe.  This sock has pottered about Europe with me, and I worked diligently on it when we were on trains all over Europe until I lost a needle, and then had to delegate it to the bottom of my pack.  Now I’m thinking it might be a head-start on this year’s Christmas knits.

There’s more going down Chez Cutlery Drawer, but it’s time we headed out into the rain for the first barbecue of the season!  Spring is just around the corner, and we’re off to christen a friend’s new barbie.  Cheers!

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