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Nuts and cloths!

This weekend, I did me some knitting!  It was wonderfully relaxing, but not my usual kind of knitting.  I made these:


Knitted doughnuts [or donuts].  Pattern here, and very good it is, too.  I screwed up the increases on the first one I made, making it look less like a doughnut and more like a doughnut-shaped part of human anatomy (photos of that one not included).


nom nom nom (haha! not really!)

And I also knitted this:


Yup, it’s a dishcloth.  A bias-knit, garter stitch dishcloth. And, uh, this is another one:


Dear God help me I can’t stop knitting dishclothes. I can’t help it.  The cotton is so soft and thick, and they’re so quick and springy, and we totally need dishcloths.  In terms of blog fodder, it doesn’t get much more tedious than green garter stitch dishrags.  I wonder how my life lead me to this point?  Look, here’s some closeup artsy photos to try and make them more interesting.


Is it working yet?


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