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During the last night of my stay with my parents, I decided a cocktail was in order to commemorate the occasion. Like most of my cocktails, this was a completely half-arsed affair, but was delicious nonetheless.  Thick, tangy and foamy-juiced, which is pretty tasty.


The use of one of my Mum’s favourite fruits, the tangelo, made this a Family Edition Amateur Cocktail Hour.


This was, as many of the cocktails I come up with, incredibly easy.  In theory, you could make this after you’d had half a bottle of whatever.  Not that you would, of course. (Also, my parents’ kitchen is gorgeous: black granite benchtops as far as the eye can see.)

Take 2 tangelos (peeled), a handful of ice, a generous splash of lime juice, several ice cubes and a very kindly splash of vodka.  Whiz in the blender until you’re not sure how much vodka you put in it.


I wanted to call this a Tangelotini, but that’s actually surprisingly awkward to say.  Also, I’m not sure what qualifies a drink for the -tini suffix, so I’m not sure I can legitimately call it that.

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