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UFO sightings

(Pretty witty title, eh? A pun!  This post isn’t about aliens at all! Hah!)

So I’ve been stocktaking.  Recently, as regular readers will recall, I went through and checked a lot of my UFOs, and then acknowledged the injustice visited upon them by the heartless knitter (me) and vowed to make amends.  These were dragged out of their various storage areas and worked upon, with the intention of casting on nothing new until they were completed.

This stern resolve lasted approximately a fortnight, and then I cast on two new jumpers (both doing well, but both very tedious in terms of blog fodder) and blithely threw the UFOs aside.

I’m trying to be a better knitter. While I’m staying with my parents this week, I have limited my knitting projects to two UFOs and one have-always-meant-to-make-myself pattern.  Guess which one is currently basking in the glory of my illustrious attention?  The new project, along with one of the UFOs, is a felting project, so I think it only makes sense to take advantage of the fact that my parents have a washer that is conducive to felting.  See? Logical.  Not the mad impulses of a hyperactive, over-caffeinated knitter. Not one bit.  Move along.

I also brought along another job that’s been weighing on me a lot lately.  Earlier this year, in a mad fit, I bought several pairs of jeans.  It had been so long since I found jeans I could afford and that actually looked excellent on me that I had a brain seizure and bought four pairs. It was awesome.  I spent a fierce, cursing evening wrestling with my poor sewing machine and hemmed them all up to the perfect height for my stumpy little legs, and then spent some time swanning about, looking awesome in my new jeans.  And then, horror of horrors: I washed one pair and they shrank.  Shrank to a ludicrous degree. Shrank nearly 4 cm.  As the sickening realisation washed over me, I thought of the other three pairs.  I stuck them all in the wash, hot water and drying cycle, and they shrank.  Uniformly, upwardly, thus changing my excellent, perfect length jeans to four pairs of denim dork pants. “Hi! Like the tops of my socks?” Ugh.  Fortunately, I kept the offcuts to two pairs, since I had planned another project, for which strips of denim would be ideal; for those pairs, repair will be time-consuming but invisible and satisfying.  I have no idea what’s going to become of the other two pairs.  Even after I let down the hems, I don’t think there will be enough fabric to make them long enough.  It’s worrying.  Anyway, and back to the point of this ramble, my Mum is an exceptional seamstress, whose sewing room is a magical cave of Everything A Sewer Could Need.  I will rummage, I will wrestle, and if there is any chance I can save my awesome jeans,  it lies in her excellent sewing room.

I think I will count my jeans finangling as a UFO.  If all goes to plan (and doesn’t it always?) I should therefore have three completed UFOs by the end of the week.  Huzzah!

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