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Toasty toes

Like many of the knitters marching cheerfully about the internet, I love Bev Galeskas’ felted clogs, as published by Fiber Trends.  This pattern is enormously popular — at the time of writing, a Ravelry search reveals that there are 2553 projects using this pattern, either completed or on the go — and rightly so.  It rocks.  I made two pairs at Christmas for Mum and Dad, but never quite got around to making myself a pair (story of my knitting life).


Actually, now that I think about it, one of the pairs of clogs I made for Dad turned out to be completely un-feltable, despite the yarn ball band saying “100% wool” and “hand wash only” and “do not machine wash” and all the other things that normally suggest that the yarn will felt at the first sign of water.  (If it’s not going to felt, why can’t I machine wash it? Is it radioactive? Will it explode in the washer?)   So I’ve actually made three pairs of these.  Now I’ve got a pair for myself on the needles, and about time too!


This pattern, as I’m sure anybody will tell you, is enormously fun to knit.  It’s a really clever design, too.  You cast on along what will eventually be the centre seam along the middle of the sole.  Working back and forth, with strategic increases either side of the centre stitch (which will eventually be the centre of the toe), when you’ve finished the sole, you pick up the colour for the body of the clog and start working it in the round — and then, this is the clever part, you begin working short rows back and forth across the toe.  It’s awesome.  I find it a really interesting knit; there’s plenty going on, and while it’s not mindless, it’s not so tricky that you need to go into a quiet room by yourself or anything.

And then at the end, you have a ludicrously large bootie (*snigger*) that will then be felted into a smaller, tighter bootie (*snigger*).  I can’t wait.  Here’s my enormous bootie, compared to my tiny footie.


Felted wool is thick and soft, and also slippery on hard surfaces.  For Mum and Dad’s clogs, I ordered the Fiber Trends suede soles and sewed them onto the bottoms (that’s the grey part you can see on the sole of the black clogs above); they’re nice and grippy.  M and I don’t have many hard surfaces in our home, so falling over is no more of a problem than usual. I don’t think I’ll worry about the suede soles for mine.

A quick and satisfying pattern, with enough clever tricks to it to keep me interested right through to the end, followed by the magic of felting.  Doesn’t get any better.

I’ve christened these the Swamp Clogs.  The yarn is good old Cascade 220; the dark green is a heathery, uh, Mallard colour, and plain ol’ black for the soles and trim.  These babies should be finished by tomorrow, and then, hopefully, felted into snug little slippers pour moi!  Can’t wait.

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