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This week sees me a little discombobulated.  After a whirlwind visit to Melbourne over the weekend to see Sigur Ros and some old friends (Sigur Ros was an awesome concert, thanks for asking, although the completely high, bearded dude in front of one at the show went on a Spirit Quest at some point, dancing in such a stomping, flailing, ecstatic fashion that one was hopelessly reminded of whirling dirvishes.  One watched one’s feet.) we were only home for about 24 hours before I was faking a smile and sticking M on a plane for Toronto for a work thing.

I’m staying with Mum and Dad at the moment, which sees me a long way from my kitchen, my stash and my needles.  Still, on Sunday night I hit the kitchen and did some baking.  I made sweetcorn and chive muffins, to dunk into the lovely roast capsicum soup I was simultaneously simmering (clever, huh? Told you I was awesome.) and then a batch of sticky fig and ginger muffins.  Oooh, baby, they’re nice warmed up with vanilla ice cream.  (I was going to post the recipe I used as a starting point for the sweetcorn and chive muffins, but I’ve just re-read it and realised how much I changed…for a start, I used a full egg instead of an egg white; then I forgot to add the second half-cup of milk; and I didn’t add grated cheese or a dash of sugar; and I added more salt and some chopped shallots…look, I’m sure you could google a decent recipe if you are overpowered with the need to make sweetcorn and chive muffins.  You’re a clever bunch.)

My camera has made the trip to Toronto with M, so this week’s posts may be a bit thin vis a vis photos.  Never mind, my bon mots bring all the boys to the yard.

In knitting business, I’ve brought out a couple of UFOs with me — unlike my washer, Mum and Dad’s machine is ideal for felting, so I’m hoping I can bake enough muffins to bribe them into letting me use it for such a purpose.

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