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{ Monthly Archives } August 2008

Unplanned holiday

Sorry about the hiatus, chums.  I wish I could say that my life has been so glorious and hectic and dazzling that I’ve been kept away from the keyboard, but frankly, that’s not the case.  I’ve just been doing other stuff. Things I Have Been Doing: Finished reading the Harry Potter series.  When I was […]


Nuts and cloths!

This weekend, I did me some knitting!  It was wonderfully relaxing, but not my usual kind of knitting.  I made these: Knitted doughnuts [or donuts].  Pattern here, and very good it is, too.  I screwed up the increases on the first one I made, making it look less like a doughnut and more like a […]



Did you ever do one of those “personality” quizzes?  When I was in high school, these pseudo-psychological things were all the rage in the vaguer classes such as “social studies” and “health”.  Now that I’m a grown-up and occasionally get bundled off to training courses for work, I’ve learned that they’re still kicking around.  They’re […]



There is a magic machine at my Mum and Dad’s house that turns these: into these: Magic!  And when they have dried, I will be toasty-toed. To be perfectly honest with ya, they’re a little big.  They flop about when I walk, and if I run without gripping my toes first, they fall off with […]

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Clouds on the ground

This picture shows the clouds on the ground one morning this winter.  My Dad took this picture, and I think it’s beautiful. Winter scenery never ceases to enchant me.



During the last night of my stay with my parents, I decided a cocktail was in order to commemorate the occasion. Like most of my cocktails, this was a completely half-arsed affair, but was delicious nonetheless.  Thick, tangy and foamy-juiced, which is pretty tasty. The use of one of my Mum’s favourite fruits, the tangelo, […]

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I must ask that you indulge me in a brief foray into the genre of nature documentation/kitty pics.  This is supposed to be a dignified blog. My parents, with whom I am presently staying, have three charming felines.  Neo, a mostly gormless, floppy black cat the size of a Mercedes; Mab, a tiny, skittish grey […]


Morning moo

When I got up this morning, the clouds were on the ground and the sky was pink. The view from Mum and Dad’s back porch is towards the Brindabellas, which are blue and purple in the morning.  Some of them have snow caps. My parents’ house is in the middle of a large property, and […]


UFO sightings

(Pretty witty title, eh? A pun!  This post isn’t about aliens at all! Hah!) So I’ve been stocktaking.  Recently, as regular readers will recall, I went through and checked a lot of my UFOs, and then acknowledged the injustice visited upon them by the heartless knitter (me) and vowed to make amends.  These were dragged out […]


Toasty toes

Like many of the knitters marching cheerfully about the internet, I love Bev Galeskas’ felted clogs, as published by Fiber Trends.  This pattern is enormously popular — at the time of writing, a Ravelry search reveals that there are 2553 projects using this pattern, either completed or on the go — and rightly so.  It rocks.  I […]

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