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Chocolate chippy goodness

So, I was reading in the New York Times the other day, as one does, about chocolate chip biscuits (I feel self-conscious when I say ‘cookie’, as pleasant a word as it is).  There’s been a fair bit of chatter out there on the interwebs about the article, which discusses the origins of the famed biscuit, as well as providing the supposedly definitive biscuit recipe.  The New York Times website has archived the article now, which means you can only access it if you’re a logging-in member, and I’m not.  So, you’ll just have to take my word for itchocchips-4.JPG.  However, I took the cunning step of copying their chocolate-chip cookie recipe and tried it.

The recipe claims that perfection is achieved through letting the dough sit for 36 hours before baking.  In theory, this allows the liquid (i.e. the egg) to fully permeate the dry ingredients (the flour, etc.).  The process is hindered by the fact that egg is thick and gluggy, thus requiring more time to be absorbed, and that the flour is kinda butter-coated, further slowing the process.  Giving it a day and a half in the fridge, covered in glad wrap, supposedly ensures a more even, moister batter.

If I was at all clever, I probably would have divided our mix up and made some right away, some after 24 hours and some after 36 hours, so I could do a comparison.  I am not at all clever.  All the batter went in the fridge, to wait its turn.  Today its time was up, so the batter was rolled into wee balls, slightly flattened, and baked at around 180 degrees.  The NYT recipe also suggests sprinkling with sea salt before baking, so we did that.chocchips-3.JPG

The result? Pretty fine, actually.  The biscuits had a really even, slightly short (short as in shortbread) mouthfeel, and were by no means dry or crumbly.  The flavour was mellow and slightly caramelly, and quite delicious. They’re chewy rather than crispy, which I think is ideal in a biscuit.

I think I’d have to do a comparison test in order to determine how much of the deliciousness is attributable to the waiting period, so I’ll probably give it a go another time.  For now, I have a delicious batch of  biscuits to impress my family with at tonight’s shindig.  Awesome.

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