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Dilemma – clever or sensible?

I celebrated the completion of Checkers by cranking on with another project I’ve got on the needles: the Simple Knitted Bodice, in dark green superwash wool. (I’m not wild about that name…surely we can come up with something better for such a cool pattern?)

skb-5.JPGA quiet week at work combined with a lot of X-Files viewing in the evenings has lead me to a roaring pace on this baby, so I’ve already finished the body.  I tried it on today, and the waist shaping — which is the awesome lacy bit in the middle, which gathers in slightly, thus forming some waist shaping — is not actually at my waist.  To be precise, it’s around my ribs.  I have a pretty strong suspicion that any attempts to wear the sweater as is would result in endless yanking on the hem in order to get it as low as I think it should be.  And I am starting to realise that this is the kind of thing that puts me off wearing my lovely handmade things, thereby wasting all the effort (not to mention yarn) I put into them.  I’m very proud of myself for realising this before I got as far as attaching the sleeves and forcing myself to wear this top.

As far as I can tell, I have three options: (1) try to lengthen the top during blocking; (2) unravel to the v-neck, cursing all the way, and reknit after adding a few inches at the bust; (3) something devilishly clever.

I’ll give you a second to guess which option I’m leaning towards.  It’s (3).  If this works, it will save me a buttload of time and effort, and will also mark me as a jolly clever young thing.  But I’m not sure I should be clever; surely that’s just begging for a smackdown from…whoever administers these things.  Which department deals with smackdowns against saucy knitters? Should I be leaning towards the more sensible option (which I think would be number (2), although I’m not really certain)?

My plan is as follows: using my spectacularly handy interchangeable needle set (thank you KnitPicks, you guys rock, please start shipping to Australia), pick up a round of stitches at the bottom of the v-neck and another round at the top of the purl ridges.  Then snip the yarn between those two rounds, just in one spot, and unravel its round – thereby dividing the top into two bits, a bottom bit and a top bit.  While the bottom bit waits around, doing whatever it feels like doing, I’ll add a couple of inches onto the bottom of the top bit with some swift and clever knitting.  Then, when it all looks about right, I’ll graft the two halves back together.

It all sounds so simple, doesn’t it? While I’m at it, maybe I can do something about that weird flippy-up, lip thing that the garter ridges around the hem are doing.  They kinda make the top look like it’s sneering at me, and I can do without that right now.

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