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FO Report – Checkers

It’s finished!  At last, long, long last, I have finished Checkers.  I really love this scarf: finishing it was one of the highlights of a really great weekend.  May I present it, modelled by the ever-charming Mozart.checkers-12.JPG

Remember how I may have implied I was getting sick of knitting this? I don’t.  All I remember is a challenging delight.  This scarf is really awesome.  The Angora Supreme has given it a fluffier halo than I normally like for my knitting, but I can tolerate it over this scarf.  I love the reversability of it.

Pattern: Exchequered, from Knitty

Yarn: Cleckheaton’s Angora Supreme, 2 balls in white and 2 balls in purple, which I had overdyed with red.

Modifications: The pattern starts plain, and squares are introduced a few at a time until it builds up to a checkerboard.  Towards the end, I reversed the pattern and deconstructed the checkers.  If I had been planning ahead, I would have swapped the colours, too, so that each side began in one colour and ended in the other.  But I love it all the same.

The scarf is double-knitted, as I’ve mentioned before, which means that you are simultaneously working two layers of back-to-back fabric.  This is much, much easier than it sounds, and if you’re uneasy about it, spend an evening making a swatch and you’ll find it’s really very simple.  There are dozens of tutorials available online, so I’m sure you’ll find one that speaks your language.

I can’t believe it took me so long to finish this scarf, although it kinda reminds me why I don’t knit many scarves.  But I love this scarf and I’m glad it’s in my life.checkers-15.JPG

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